Federica Gatti

Born in 1990, Federica Gatti is a young fashion designer.

After graduating from Rufa – Rome University of Fine Arts –¬†she began to give free play to her creative flair by assembling pieces of leather, simply following her instinct and only for fun.

Fascinated by clean lines and geometric shapes, and inspired by natural characteristics of leather, Federica decided to launch her own handbag line F2A, a perfect combination of craftsmanship, fashion and design.



F2A was born in 2012 thanks to the marked aestethic sense of Federica Gatti and her aim to combine high craftsmanship, design and flexibility.

Each bag is made with Italian leathers, while the handles are made of a chrome plated brass foldable tubular: the real main distinguishing feature of the brand.

It’s clean lines, basic and sharp cuts, and oversize shapes make F2A creations extremely versatile and suitable for any occasion.

The lack of internal linings allow to appreciate the work on the leather, protecting its peculiarities and innate features.

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